Data Analytics

Data Analytics

Empower learners and teachers with data and actionable insights

Our products are redefining the way learners and educators interact with data: intuitive interfaces, configurable automation, and advanced analytics - empowering your entire learning community with real-time and relevant data.

  • Give teachers and students access to impactful analytics in minutes
  • Seamless integration with SIMON and external data sources
  • Stay informed with early-warning alerts
K-12 Schools Data Analytics and Dashboards


Data analytics made easy

Explore SIMON's analytics solutions for your entire school community


Tailored Insights

Make data analytics easy for your entire school

Use pre-designed dashboard templates which are customised for the different types of users and roles in your school.

  • Teachers - Analyse academic and behavioural data
  • School Leaders - Track metrics at cohort levels
  • Wellbeing - Implement intervention workflows
  • Parents - Receive progress updates and notifications
K-12 Schools Tailored Data Insights and Proactive Pulse Alerts
Data Management

Data Management

Simplify data management

Your data undergoes automatic cleansing and amalgamation - keeping your data healthy, while making insights more accurate 

  • Diversified integrations with 3rd party data sources
  • Easy mapping of data structures
  • Scalable architecture 
K-12 Schools Data Management  and Data Security

Relevant Impact

A holistic view of academic growth

Consolidate data sources including NAPLAN, ACER, AAS / Allwell, and your own teacher judgements into a single chart.

  • Analyse growth from different assessment types
  • Understand learner behaviours and student journeys
  • See performance trends over time between cohorts
K-12 Schools Using Data Analytics to Create Impact
Security and Privacy

Security & Privacy

Fine-grained security controls

Give different apps and services different levels of access to your data.

  • Access and permissions to individual record level
  • Manage permissions across data sets
  • Keep different logs of which apps are accessed, changed or marked for deletion
K-12 Schools Security and Privacy
Pulse Alerts

Proactive Alerts

Automated early warning notifications with Pulse

Pulse alerts provide schools with a configurable system for monitoring areas of concern.

  • Monitor attendance behavioural issues, or academic performance
  • Automatically make connections with your data to the people that matter
  • Receive early notifications about potential issues - at the right time
K-12 Schools Proactive Data Analytics Pulse Alerts



Create impact with learning analytics

Gain meaningful and actionable insights from your data.

K-12 Schools Data Analytics Using Attendance Data

SIMON is here to serve your school community engagement

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Quick OnBoarding and Integration

Easily integrate your existing systems and workflows and get your team productive and engaged faster. New schools experience a best-in-class onboarding program which embraces user-diversity and backgrounds.

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Personalised Learning Experiences

Everyone learns differently, so we've created a platform that gives you the freedom to create learning paths to suit the unique needs of your Primary and Secondary schools.

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Manage, Measure and Report

Track your student's progress and performance and get access to user-friendly dashboards with unlimited options for visualising your school data. make informed decisions based on proactive "pulse alerts" that reflects insights from internal and external sources.

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Everything in One Place

SIMON provides an equitable learning experience for all students. We provide the tools you and your community need for teaching and learning in one place - course materials, attendance, assessments, communication tools and proactive actionable insights.

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Our Service Mentality is our Identity

Service and support is the core ethos and identity of the SIMON Support Team. We approach customers with a personalised, warm welcome and listen for and resolve any issues or concerns until completion.

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Collaborating with Member Schools

We embrace a proactive collaboration with our school members as a central contributor to our product development. We deeply acknowledge that schools open the doors to the possibilities of technology and learning innovation.

Our customers are the reasons we thrive

"SIMON is a fantastic product. It is teacher friendly for roll marking, report configuring and writing. The SIMON Support Team are always helpful and know their products well. Nothing is too much trouble."

Cate Olive
SIMON Administrator, Teaching and Learning

Our learning community loves using SIMON. Teachers, Middle Managers, Leadership and Admin all find it accessible and easy to use. It is a Learning Management system with the lot. The add-ons like Data Analytics are excellent. Most importantly, their Support Services are exemplary.

Claire Nailon
Deputy Principal, Teaching and Learning

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