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K-12 School Mobile Application Instant Alerts
K-12 Schools Parent Access Portal
SIMON K-12 School Medial Alerts
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K-12 School Mobile Application Instant Alerts
K-12 Schools Parent Access Portal
SIMON K-12 School Medial Alerts


Trusted by over 250 Primary & Secondary Schools

Centralised and intuitive communication tools

Centralised and intuitive communication tools

Bring your community together to share in your school journey

Create a school portal linking your users to all the important destinations. 

Facilitate group forums, parent/teacher interviews, events, excursions - all through a centralised notifications and communications platform.




SIMON works with the tools and companies you already use...

Effortless management of your compliance and risk processes

Welcome to eSort - your School Operations & Risk Tool

Be empowered in managing and updating all your relevant documents supporting your compliance, statutory, organisational and governance requirements around risk. 

Your school community can be proactively notified with all the relevant information pertaining to their safety as well as always having access to the latest updates.

K-12 School Risk and Compliance Management Platform





SIMON at a Glance

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K-12 Schools Servicing Schools with Technology

Years of Innovation
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K-12 Schools Integrating Learning and Administration Modules

Integrated Learning &
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SIMON is here to serve your school community engagement

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Quick OnBoarding and Integration

Easily integrate your existing systems and workflows and get your team productive and engaged faster. New schools experience a best-in-class onboarding program which embraces user-diversity and backgrounds.

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Personalised Learning Experiences

Everyone learns differently, so we've created a platform that gives you the freedom to create learning paths to suit the unique needs of your Primary and Secondary schools.

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Manage, Measure and Report

Track your student's progress and performance and get access to user-friendly dashboards with unlimited options for visualising your school data. make informed decisions based on proactive "pulse alerts" that reflects insights from internal and external sources.

Everything in One Place Icon

Everything in One Place

SIMON provides an equitable learning experience for all students. We provide the tools you and your community need for teaching and learning in one place - course materials, attendance, assessments, communication tools and proactive actionable insights.

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Our Service Mentality is our Identity

Service and support is the core ethos and identity of the SIMON Support Team. We approach customers with a personalised, warm welcome and listen for and resolve any issues or concerns until completion.

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Collaborating with Member Schools

We embrace a proactive collaboration with our school members as a central contributor to our product development. We deeply acknowledge that schools open the doors to the possibilities of technology and learning innovation.


K-12 Schools Taking the Stress out of your Administration Tasks Technology

Taking the stress out of your administration tasks

Optimised workflows supporting school administration.

K-12 Schools Empowering Learners and Teachers with Data

Empowering learners and teachers with data

Redefining the way learners and educators interact with data.


K-12 Schools Where Teachers Enjoy using Technology for Learning

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Some Common Questions We Get Asked!

SIMON was originally built by teachers, sick of using multiple clunky databases, with the sole purpose of making life easier for teachers.

Starting in one school in Ballarat, SIMON has grown to enhance the learning of more than 250,000 primary and secondary students across Victoria and South Australia in Catholic, government and independent schools. SIMON continues to be run by passionate and committed educators.

SIMON is a not-for-profit organisation and is part of the the Diocese of Ballarat Catholic Education Limited (DOBCEL), We deeply share the core values of  DOBCEL, providing a service and partnership with schools to enable every student to flourish.DOBCEL Logo 2

As we are not-for-profit, SIMON delivers a more cost effective product for schools and ensures revenue is used for continual development in the interests of schools, not shareholders.

Our entire philosophy is based around responding to the needs of our users – our development road map is determined by the needs of educators and our business strategy is determined by the school leaders who make up our board of management.

Our schools are not customers, but rather, are considered members of our SIMON community - all with a passionate focus on contributing to the success of our learners.

Our Team has played various roles in the school community as department heads, teachers, e-learning coordinators, network managers, system administrators and, of course, parents.

We’re passionate about growing a product that serves the needs of educators at a time when too many schools are spending big money on technology products not education products.

SIMON staff know that if SIMON doesn’t enhance teaching and learning then it won’t be embraced by educators and become part of their daily work.

The SIMON help desk and school support team are recruited directly out of the schools we serve. Our approach is not limited to training at implementation. Call us to speak to a human being who understands your problems.

If we can’t fix it over the phone we will come out to your school to find the solution. We also provide regular professional development sessions to ensure our users are getting full value from SIMON.

That's a great question. The truth is that we haven't been hiding at all. We have been servicing schools and evolving the SIMON platform and technology innovations for over 20 years!

Having constantly and carefully balanced our internal development resources with the evolving requirements from our member schools, we have grown to a point that we are emerging from being a boutique provider of learning and administration innovation, to a becoming a mainstream leader in the edtech sector.

This hasn't been an accident either. Schools and school-networks speak to each other, and our reputation for excellence in technology and service is growing really quickly.

We are now being invited to participate, demonstrate and speak at conferences which has been a real honour for us. This is turn has fueled some amazing and exciting growth in our organisation. 

This is a big question with some even bigger answers.

Before we delve into some of the major areas of innovation, it's important to provide a little more context into what our strategic priorities are as an organisation. The fact you are reading this, means you are keen to gain a little deeper insight into our strategic vision.

We have four main strategic pillars underscored by our SIMON Vision which is:

"Inspire; Empowering Schools."

The four strategic pillars are:

1. Collaborate to Contribute
Growing school community engagement and continuous feedback through a consultative process with all types of users and leaders.

2. Sustainable Development Growth
Keep our resourcing aligned to the growing demands of our schools supporting learning and administration roles.

3. Our Service Mentality is our Identity
We strive to deliver outstanding service and support which is sensitive to the individual user experience.

4. Nurture our Staff to be the Best Version of Themselves
Foster a nurturing work environment catering for the individual's growth path within the vision of supporting our schools.

So now that you have an insight in where we have come from and where we are now. Let's briefly address where we are going.

SIMON's Focus on Innovation

The main areas of focus over the coming 12 months will encompass the following initiatives:

  • eAdmin: developing an integrated solution supporting enrolments, enquiry, centralised contacts, Finance System integration, online forms and workflows.
  • Data Analytics: Expanding our use of proactive Pulse Alerts, we are reimagining the analytics requirements for Primary Schools.
  • User Experience: Yes, we know we have have some "clunky" bits in SIMON. Well, we are really leaning into this and will be incrementally releasing a new navigation and screen architecture over 2023. 
  • Primary Schools: We understand that the learning requirements in Primary Schools are genuinely different other year levels. We want to really make an impact here and we are beginning a project addressing the unique learning and communication requirements for Primary Schools.
  • User Identity & Privacy: Big things happening here! With a focus on making life easier for users access many applications, we are streamlining this process resulting in a more secure and private means of protecting your information.
  • ...and a few more things...: To keep this brief, some of the other initiatives include - curriculum mapping, wellbeing and social behaviour upgrades, enhanced NCCD workflows, Multi-tentant architecture revamp and the evolution of a unified "data lake" supporting diverse data analytics applications.

Our customers are the reasons we thrive

"SIMON is a fantastic product. It is teacher friendly for roll marking, report configuring and writing. The SIMON Support Team are always helpful and know their products well. Nothing is too much trouble."

Cate Olive
SIMON Administrator, Teaching and Learning

Our learning community loves using SIMON. Teachers, Middle Managers, Leadership and Admin all find it accessible and easy to use. It is a Learning Management system with the lot. The add-ons like Data Analytics are excellent. Most importantly, their Support Services are exemplary.

Claire Nailon
Deputy Principal, Teaching and Learning

We  have used Simon for around 10 years now and there are several factors that make it a great product. Firstly the support is fantastic. It is both very responsive in terms of timeframe and also very pro-active and relationship based. Additionally Simon has clearly evolved based on the changing requirements of schools like ours. The breadth of features is a very positive aspect in particular having one product to manage everything from reports to detentions rather than a host of smaller one is essential for effective and efficient management of schools.   

Rob Mercer

Assistant Principal, Strategy & Organisation

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