K-12 Schools SIMON Strategy and Vision

Inspire and empower K-12 school engagement

SIMON's Core Strategic Pillars

K-12 Schools SIMON Strategy Collaborate to Contribute

Pillar 1

Collaborate to Contribute 

Community Engagement
  • Discover, collaborate and contribute with schools towards the development of leading Learning and Administration technology which may have been too costly to traditionally consider
  • Strive for ongoing consultative engagement with schools, educators and administrators - catering for ongoing innovation, relevance and growth

 Pillar 2

Sustainable Development Growth 

People, Process & Technology
  • Keep our resourcing aligned with the growing individual demands of our users – influenced by primary, secondary and K-12  Learning and Administration requirements
  • Partner with schools in delivering community engagement and value - for all types of users

Pillar 3

Our Service Mentality Is Our Identity

Services & Administration Systems
  • Deliver outstanding service and support which is sensitive to the individual user experience

Pillar 4

Nurture Our Staff to be the Best Version of Themselves 

Staff Growth & Development
  • Foster a nurturing work environment catering for an individual’s growth path within the vision of supporting our schools
  • Support staff in the areas of leadership, communication, service, support, technology and wellbeing

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"SIMON is a fantastic product. It is teacher friendly for roll marking, report configuring and writing. The SIMON Support Team are always helpful and know their products well. Nothing is too much trouble."

Cate Olive
SIMON Administrator, Teaching and Learning

Our learning community loves using SIMON. Teachers, Middle Managers, Leadership and Admin all find it accessible and easy to use. It is a Learning Management system with the lot. The add-ons like Data Analytics are excellent. Most importantly, their Support Services are exemplary.

Claire Nailon
Deputy Principal, Teaching and Learning